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Big Moves Make Great Stories 

By Jennifer Rios

On October 12, we hosted our monthly There's More live storytelling event on the USD campus in the Humanities Center. We had three creative storytellers share stories based on our theme "Big Move".

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Our first storyteller Jesús Martínez Saucedo, spoke about two big moves that happened in his life. His story touched on experiences carried from childhood into adulthood and the affects they leave on our lives. The story was beautiful, full of healing and new beginnings.

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Our second storyteller was Dr. Tim McCarty. Dr. McCarty's story focused on the educational system in the U.S. and how he navigated the system with his wife and son. Tim's story was humorous and inspiring, and made everyone take a close look at their own journey through the education system.

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Our third storyteller was Evelyn Díaz Cruz, MFA. Professor Cruz's story focused on the struggles of standing up for oneself and how a supportive family can give us courage and strength. Professor Cruz's expressive storytelling drew the audience in and we all waited in anticipation to hear how she learned to speak up for herself and face her bullies.

All three stories added a unique voice to the event, and we send our appreciation to the storytellers for sharing their experiences with us! We welcome anyone new who wants to join us for our next event on November 9 @ 4pm in the Humanities Center, Saints Hall 200!