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June 2022 | Student Producer:

Mark Moser
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Colleen Moser finds three heart beats instead of one. (3 min)

Colleen: Yeah. I mean, you guys are, our pride and joy. The way you guys have all turned out we’re just in awe and it's really God's grace

Mark: Meet my mom, Colleen Moser. She's the greatest mom in the world. When my parents went to the doctors to check on expected to be baby, number two, it turned to be more than just one heartbeat. 

What was it like the day you found out you were having triplets?

Colleen: It was very exciting because I had a feeling I might have more than one baby in there. Um, but when the doctor used the, a scope to, um, see how many little heartbeats were in there, he found three.

Mark: Three more heartbeats meant they would now have four babies under two years old. For my parents, this meant four times the food, four times the support and four times the patience.

Colleen: And daddy. And I looked at each other like, oh my gosh. And we were both like, kind of, he had to like loosen his tie to take my shirt off, cause I was about to pass up. Um, so it was, it was exciting, but it was also scary because triplets were so rare.

Mark: As rare as this was. And as the fear and excitement both kicked in at the same time, my mom trusted that God had a plan and that we would all be healthy and strong

Colleen: I just prayed for you guys. And I knew the Lord would protect you. And um, he blessed us with all of you at the same time. One thing I always remember though is also is, um, cuz I know that stresses moms out and I had friends come over and go, oh my gosh, four high chairs, four cribs. Everything's like, how do you deal with this? But like I always said to myself, it's not my children's that they're all here at the same time. They're all hungry at the same time. They're all making messes at the same time. I, I always just wanted a peaceful home.

Mark: She created a peaceful home and one where I'm very close to my siblings. As I sat down with my mom, I asked her what it was like the day we all arrived.

Colleen: It wasn't, I don't know. I really never felt like you guys were hard. I know that sounds crazy. And I am remembering correctly because, but because I had you on a schedule, you guys were, it was just like 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, just everything came in order.

Mark: And that order was perfect. As I reflect on the powerful lessons she learned from raising me and my siblings, I remember one of her famous quotes: beautiful things are seldom easy. Although the way things started may have been stressful at times, in the end, we both would not have it any other way.